Flying with Jet2holidays

Flying with Jet2holidays


What is my hand baggage allowance?

You are permitted one small piece of hand baggage of not more than 10kg and dimensions not in excess of 50x38x26cm (these dimensions are different to those stated on the DFT website, due to size constraints on our aircraft). It is not possible to use your hand baggage allowance against your checked baggage allowance or vice versa.

What is my checked baggage allowance?

All passengers (excluding infants) are entitled to 1 peice of luggage free of charge. Your allowance is 17kgs per person if you booked on or prior to 19th October 2008 and are departing before 31st March 2009. If you booked on or after 20th October 2008 or you are departing on or after 31st March 2009 your allowance is now 22 kgs per person - any additional kgs will be charged at £6 / €9 / CHF 14.40 CZK 270 / NOK 72 / PLN 36 per kg. Additional bags up to a maximum of 25kgs per passenger can be booked online at - using the reference number quoted on your flight voucher which is an attachment on your confirmation e-mail. For information of baggage allowance for infants please see the Travelling with children section.

Please note: shall have no liability whatsoever for damage to articles not permitted to be contained in checked baggage, including fragile or perishable items, items having a special value, such as money, house and car keys, jewellery, precious metals, cameras, computers, personal electronic devices including iPods, business documents or other valuables, passports and other identification documents, or samples. Please see’s full General Conditions of Carriage, which are available on their website at

Although Infants do not receive an allowance we are happy to carry one of the following free of charge: - Pushchair, Pram, Buggy, or Car Seat, we will also carry a small amount of nappies for carriage in the aircraft cabin

Please note: If you are planning to take part in any sporting activities whilst on your holiday, and wish to take your own equipment with you, you will need to pre-book the space with the airline. Therefore please remember to book for carriage of sporting equipment at the time of making your holiday booking. If the decision is made after you have made your booking please e-mail quoting your booking reference and the number of pieces you wish to carry.

Food & drinks on board

Do you offer refreshments on board?

The majority of our holidays use our sister airline flights, where we offer you a comprehensive choice of hot or cold drinks as well as a selection of appetizing snacks including sandwiches and confectionery at very reasonable prices.

Travel identification - Passports & Visas

What identification do I need to travel?

It is important that you arrive on time with your flight voucher and must present valid documentation, matching the names on your reservation, for travel for all flights, including UK domestic flights. In order to ensure compliance with Immigration and other governmental authorities passengers are required to travel with a valid passport, and any necessary visas where required, on all international flights. Please note that if your photographic ID is damaged it may not be accepted.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all the necessary valid documentation including visas to meet the immigration authorities’ requirements of your destination country. Please note that we will not be liable for any consequences of your failure to arrive without the correct documentation and any fines, penalties or other expenditures incurred shall be paid by or charged to you.

The Foreign and Commonwealth website is a useful source for travel information. Visit

Flights to Spain from 13 June 2007 – Spanish government requirements

As part of measures to ensure aviation safety and security, the Spanish Government requires all airlines to provide compulsory information on passengers departing the UK for Spain. This information includes full given name, nationality, date of birth and passport number. are aware of the new requirements for API and will comply with them. We are currently investing in new technology to collect the necessary information at check-in and we do not, therefore, anticipate any extra queuing times for our passengers.

However, it is sensible to remind all our passengers that check in for international flights closes strictly 40 minutes prior to departure, by which time you must have completed the check in process. We continue to strongly recommend that all passengers arrive at the departure airport no later than 1 hour 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time in order to allow sufficient time to complete the check in process and clear Airport Security. If you are planning to travel with excess baggage please allow extra time.

Seat Allocation

How can I be sure that my party are seated together?

Once you have made your booking, you will receive your flight voucher which will give you your airline booking reference. For a small charge* , you can select your preferred seats online, including extra leg room seats in the emergency exit by logging onto and following the instructions on the site entitled “Booking seats and Additional Legroom”. Please make sure you are using the reference from the flight voucher and not the holiday reference number.

Please note that you will be charged separately for this facility by

Please also note that any other changes or amendments to your booking cannot be made through the site and will be invalid if made. Alternatively, seats will be allocated at check-in, on a first come - first served basis. (We regret that for safety reasons, if you are travelling with an infant or if you have mobility or medical issues you cannot pre-allocate seats – but don’t worry as in these cases we have dedicated seats set aside towards the front of the aircraft to allocate to you when you check-in).

Do you offer extra leg room seats?

Emergency exit row seats have extra leg room and are located at the front of the aircraft and alongside the wing exits, towards the middle of the aircraft. On most of our routes these seats can also be booked at or, subject to availability, requested at check-in, for a small, locally payable charge per flight. This charge is 12.50GBP/ 19.00EUR/ 29CHF/ 625CZK/ 150NOK/ 75PLN per seat for flights under 3 hours and 17.50GBP/27.00EUR/42CHF/875CZK/210NOK/105PLN for flights of more than 3hours*.

Please note that, for safety reasons, emergency exit seats are only suitable for able-bodied adults as the occupants may be called upon to assist the crew in the unlikely event of an emergency.

*If your flight is cancelled e.g. due to adverse weather conditions, the airline regrets this charge is not refundable.

Please see above for details of how to book.

Check-in details

Online Check-in

Once you have booked your holiday, you will receive a pack of information, sent to the e-mail address you registered at the time of booking. One of the documents is your flight voucher where you will find your airline booking reference.

Log onto and follow the online check-in process using this booking reference.

Please note – make sure that you are using the reference from your flight voucher, which will be a series of capital letters, and not the Jet2holidays booking reference. You will also need passport numbers for all traveling passengers to check-in online.

Please note that this can only be done online at and can not be done by calling the Call Centre.

If you have checked in online (this facility is generally available between 28 days and 5 hours of your travel date depending on route) and printed off your boarding pass, please check-in your baggage at the 'Stress-Less™ Bag Drop' and proceed with hand baggage only directly to Airport Security. What time should I check-in?

For all flights, passengers are required to check-in a minimum of 2hrs prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight, this will ensure sufficient time to clear customs and security prior to the flight.

Flight Times

All flight times are local and in 24 hour clock. For flights that are very early in the morning (i.e. just after midnight) check-in opens the previous evening 2 hours before the time of your departure. For example: A flight at 00:30 on Monday the 23rd departs in the very early hours of Monday morning so check-in opens at 22:30 on the evening of Sunday the 22nd.

Schedule changes or cancellations

In the unlikely event of any schedule changes or cancellations, we will notify you by email to the email address provided at the time of making your booking.

Please note it is a condition of our contract with you that you recheck your flight times between 24 and 72 hours prior to travelling. If you change your contact email address you must notify our After Sales Support Centre on , quoting your booking reference.

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