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Nestled amongst the islands of Dodecanese, with a culture as rich as the cool blue waters of the Aegean Sea, a holiday to Kos provides plenty of adventure and attractions to explore under the warm Mediterranean sun.

The tiny island is alive with modern resorts that populate the golden shores and is decorated with masterful architecture from antiquity amongst quaint whitewashed villages that wind up the rugged mountainside in the south.

It is easy to enjoy two types of holiday in Kos. By day there is plenty to explore and discover and as the cool sea air descends and nightfall approaches, the hedonistic evening fun gets into full swing.

A Complete Package Holiday in Kos

Kos was one of the first Greek islands to fully embrace the tourism boom, which has made it a popular destination for holidays to Greece all year round.

In the rich summer sun a veritable army of tourists can be found navigating their way through the myriad of streets adorned with plentiful shops selling the best in tourist trinkets, tee-shirts and souvenirs to purchase on holiday in Kos.

Kos Town is the hub of this activity with a labyrinth of streets winding amongst the playground of modern hotel complexes, all of which are so beautifully designed and full of things to do, you may never venture out beyond their walls.

However, a holiday to Kos wouldn’t be complete without some serious beach lounging, especially considering that Kos has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, like Lambi. Lambi is ideal for lovers of the warm European waters and endless stretches of golden sand.

A Chance to Discover Greece’s Past

Away from the tourist populated centres, a holiday to Kos offers plenty of paths to antiquity. Numerous ruins can be found amongst the landscape and in the quainter village resorts of Kefalos and Tingaki.

The Asclepeion ruins in Kos are of particular wonderment. Thought to have been the place where Hippocrates – founder of modern medicine – undertook his medical training, the salubrious air and breathtaking views are certain to leave a lasting impression.

The influences of varying cultures have left their mark on the small island where you will stumble across Venetian castles and iconic Greek pillars of dishevelled buildings. The often vast and sometimes barren landscape of the north adds to the mysticism and beauty of these sites that are worth a visit.

This unique terrain in the north, alien to mainland Greece, has also given Kos a reputation as a cyclist’s haven. The flat countryside attracts numerous families and groups of friends on holidays to Kos to tackle the countryside. In fact bikes are becoming as popular as cars are on the island, especially around Psalidi!

In Kardamena Village you will find the Temple of Apollo located close by the Roman Odeon amphitheatre, a smaller version of Rome’s Colosseum.

Day Trips - Another Way to Enjoy Holidays in Kos

Holidays to Kos provide an ideal platform from which to explore many of the other surrounding islands that make up the Dodecanese, as well as visiting Turkey.

Regular day trips to Bodrum in Turkey are particularly popular. These boat trips represent a rare chance to visit another country whilst vacationing on the Greek island and it will demonstrate some of the similarities in culture between the two!

Organised trips are also available to the 26 neighbouring inhabited islands that form part of the Dodecanese. This makes island hopping particularly enjoyable and fun for adventure seekers on holiday in Kos.

To discover the beauty and history of such a timeless island that has made the transition into a modern day fun-seekers holiday resort, flights to Kos from take you right into the heart of the holiday atmosphere.

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Where is it?

Kos is part of the Dodecanese Islands in Greece and is situated off the coast of Bodrum, Turkey. You can actually see Turkey from the north east coast of Kos.

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