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Fuengirola Holidays

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The type of holiday you’re looking for is in Fuengirola. How do we know this already? Well, simply because it offers every type of holiday to every type of tourist. From ancient historical attractions to authentic Spanish villages, fantastic family activities to endless golden beaches – they are all here waiting to be enjoyed.

Find the holiday you’re looking for in Fuengirola

If you’re just thinking of enjoying the beach during holidays in Fuengirola, you won’t be disappointed. There’s over 8km of Blue Flag beaches in the resort, with main beaches such as Los Boliches being incredibly long stretches of dusky golden sand. They’re very flat and open too, adding to the overall feeling of spaciousness during your sunbathing.

But to only enjoy the beaches you’d be missing out on much of what holidays in Fuengirola have to offer. There’s a vibrant weekly market held in the centre of town, and it’s the largest in the whole of the Costa del Sol. With hundreds of stalls offering handmade souvenirs and delicacies like local honey and wine, you’ll certainly find something to bring back home with you. Although perhaps what you’ll treasure the most is your photographs, especially if you take a trip to the old town of Mijas.

Just 5 miles inland, the pretty mountaintop village of Mijas is encircled by greenery on all sides. The views are breathtaking – stop by at a traditional tapas restaurant and gaze into endless valleys of lemon and pine trees, their sweet smell lingering in the air. Back on lower land in Fuengirola, you can be enjoying a full cooked English breakfast at a friendly British bar less than thirty minutes later. A perfect example of how Fuengirola makes fusing old charm with new convenience seem easy.

Plenty of activities and ancient history

Holidays in Fuengirola manage to be fascinating for both visitors young and old thanks to the great variety of the activities and attractions in the area. Fuengirola has a long and distinguished past, particularly highlighted by its ancient Roman ruins and medieval castle. But as a holiday resort, it also has plenty of modern activities that are sure to delight families.

Perhaps the best activity for all ages is the Bioparc Fuengirola. This outstanding zoo is considered to be one of Europe’s finest. Undergoing extensive renovation in recent years, uniquely the Bioparc encloses the animals behind thick glass instead of the usual metal bars and cages. This means you can actually interact with all kinds of exotic species – imagine looking directly into the face of a white tiger, a leopard or a mountain gorilla. All of this is possible here, and the animals can see you clearly too, making for an incredibly exciting experience. There’s a wide range of species on show too, from huge crocodiles to little lemurs. The Bioparc enclosures aim to recreate the animals natural habitat as closely as possible, and the zoo is actively involved in conservation projects too. You’ll also be surprised to find that it is based right in the centre of Fuengirola, close to the town hall.

Another fun family activity that’s all about interaction is the Fuengirola Adventure Golf course. In a similar way to the modernity of the Bioparc, this mini-golf course has recently been updated and is kept scrupulously clean. You’ll enjoy putting on trim greens surrounded by features like fountains, small lakes and mini-bunkers. Try your luck at the famous final 19th hole, where you’ll win a prize for a hole in one!

The weather can be beautifully bright and warm during your holidays in Fuengirola, so why not cool off at the Mijas Aquapark. Just a few miles inland at the pretty village of Mijas, this waterpark has lots of super-fast slides as well as a wave pool and a children’s play area. And here’s another activity especially for the kids – the Parquelandia just by the marina. This colourful fun park has many different attractions, including trampolines, mini-golf, bumper cars and a bouncy castle. It’s the perfect way to keep the kids occupied before you all go to enjoy the beach.

But for all the family-focused activities, there’s a rich history within the resort too. The Sohail Castle dates back as far as 956 yet its cobbled walls and turrets are impressively still standing. Built during the Moorish occupation of Spain in medieval times, the large castle is set atop one of the highest hills on the coast of Fuengirola. Climb to the top and you’ll see old cannons looking out on the endless blue of the Mediterranean Sea. The courtyard is so large, in the summer it’s actually used as the setting for live concerts by international singers.

Fuengirola’s history dates even further back than medieval times, all the way back to the Romans in fact. You can still see evidence of their settlement here at the Roman Bath House in Torreblanca, which is now just a series of cobbled circular holes dug into the ground. You’ll see better preserved ancient exhibits at the Fuengirola History Museum, which features sections focused on the Moors and Visigoths, as well as the elegant Roman statue of the Venus of Fuengirola.

Finally, those of a sporting persuasion will find lots to love at the Mijas Golf Club. There are two courses here, Los Olivos and Los Lagos, both of which have wide fairways and huge lakes to make a great game of golf.

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