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There are very few places in the world that you can visit that border eight different countries, sit on two continents and are bathed in three different oceans. This is the unique geography which you will find on a cheap package holiday to Turkey from Jet2holidays; a country that offers continental flair, European weather and Asian cuisine.

Bustling holiday towns and golden beaches mixed with amazing heritage and a vibrant culture makes holidays to Turkey so exciting and enticing. For family holidays by the sea, fascinating sightseeing or simply to enjoy some fun-in-the-sun, cheap holidays to Turkey are already a hot ticket and a great value option.

A vast, diverse country, Turkey is a unique corner of Europe where ancient traditions of the east meet the cosmopolitan buzz of the west. Whilst on holiday in Turkey, you can browse colourful bazaars, see whirling dervishes and try authentic speciality dishes or watch Premiership football, find cool music clubs and finish the night with a real Turkish kebab!

Explore the Magnificent Historical Treasures

With a rich history spanning 10,000 years, extraordinary archaeological treasures and magnificent monuments pay homage to Turkey's place amongst the world's greatest civilisations. It is worth exploring some of these incredible sights, such as the cities of Ephesus and Priene whilst on holiday in Turkey.

A holiday to Turkey wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the remains of Troy, the ancient city fabled in Homer’s Illiad and recognised as the sacred ground for one of the greatest battles in antiquity!

The Western Coast of Turkey

For most holidaymakers, the pretty harbour towns and resorts of the western coast are the other major attractions on a holiday in Turkey.

Complementing the rich cultural heritage of the country is the relaxing and playful beach way of life exuding all the virtues of a holiday to the Mediterranean. Labelled as the Turquoise Coast because of the beautiful waters of the Med, the western coast boasts numerous resorts and has more beaches than any other coastal part of Turkey.

Sandy bays and pine fringed coves provide the perfect settings to snooze in the sun on a cheap holiday in Turkey, with the clear warm waters of the Med and even the Aegean all too tempting for a cooling dip and fun in the sun.

However, the Turquoise Coast is the popular attraction because of the slower pace of life and abundant places to relax or enjoy an evening of socialising.

The Southern Coast of Turkey

On the southern Aegean coast, holidays to Turkey unlock Marmaris, one of the country’s leading resorts, set against a backdrop of wooded hills and with a large, glitzy marina surrounded by quayside restaurants and late-night bars. Marmaris is recognised as the food centre of Turkey with plenty of restaurants and quaint eateries to keep you full.

Just 8km away, Icmeler is a slightly quieter beach resort in a scenic setting but still with plenty to do, perfect for families and couples on holiday in Turkey. Further along Turkey's 'Turquoise Coast', Fethiye is the principle holiday town with a bustling bazaar, pleasant old town and lively harbour, fine beaches close by and ancient sights to explore.

Fethiye is increasingly popular with friends and families enjoying an adventurous holiday in Turkey. There are many ancient ruins to navigate around and various other relics from antiquity that are testament to Turkey’s multi-cultural past.

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Where is it?

Turkey is split between south east Europe and western Asia, bordered by the Black, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Neighbouring countries include Greece and Bulgaria to the west, and Iran and Georgia to the east.

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