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The mystery of Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy rings throughout the beige buildings and deep orange roofs of Verona’s astonishing architecture.


Fair Verona

Romance and ruins clash in idyllic Italian harmony in this picturesque, UNESCO-stamped city. White-stone Porta Leoni is an old gate oozing character with two façades and remains of columns, whilst cinematic scenes can be found at Castel San Pietro. What’s more, the Basilica of San Zeno is famous for crowning Romeo and Juliet newlyweds. It’s a bubbling cauldron of storybook history.

Where art thou, Romeo?

Verona is the setting for William Shakespeare’s iconic work of fiction, Romeo and Juliet, and the city really plays on it. Whether you consider yourself Montague or Capulet, the dramatic ancient location mirrors the famous narrative. See Juliet’s house, where romantic anecdotes and pleas are left in hope. You’ll feel totally immersed in the tragic events.

A picture of the past

Rustic resplendence coats the old Italian remnants in this cultural melting pot. There are some modern angles to Verona, especially in the shopping avenues, but it’s really a destination packed with incredibly historic features. Despite the devastating earthquake, Verona Arena is fully functioning and stages open-air operas that echo cheer all around.

Lush lakeside

The largest of Italy’s kind, Lake Garda is a stretching swathe of brilliant blues and crystal-topped rippling waves. Running past the city, you’ll be privy to striking scenery shrouded in emerald foliage. Take a walk along the lakeside and get snap happy as you pass, or even hop on a boat trip if the sun’s rays are beaming - a great day is just 15 minutes by train away.

In the spokes

Why not get around Verona on two wheels? It’s not exactly whizzing about Italian-style via Lambretta, but hiring a bike to explore Verona is a great idea. It’s an environmentally clean choice, with a fun twist on seeing the sights, wind in your hair. It certainly beats walking, and you won’t have to grapple for a seat on public transport.

Open a bottle

Vineyards aplenty, the tumbling hills surrounding Verona provide the serene city with its exclusive wine list showcasing the finest local drops of red, white and rosé. Pick which tipple you’d prefer and sample the goods. There are plenty of wine bars and restaurants with well-stocked cellars dotted around as well, so you won’t miss out.

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The Basics

  • COST OF A BEER: €4.50
  • 48 HOUR VERONA CARD: €22
  • 3 COURSE MEAL: €30

Food and drink


If you’re a discerning foodie, then it doesn’t get tastier than Italy. Rolling ribbons of pasta, crispy wood-fired pizzas, plump gnocchi and tempting gelato flavours – get ready to tuck in. Braised horse meat is the local delicacy, whilst risotto’s a firm favourite. Don’t forget to order a glass of wine to wash it all down, and enjoy the sepia haze of the balmy Veronese air at night.

Getting around


Aside from leisurely strolling around the landmarks and dainty paved streets, the Verona Card entitles you to free city bus travel (plus discounted attraction entry). So, if your legs get tired, you don’t have to fret! But if you want to embrace the local ways, there’s a bike hire service that’s simply ideal. Pedal around the lakeside or cycle through the hustle and bustle.



• Arena di Verona: The first century Roman amphitheatre is a marvel to behold. It usually hosts the many wowing operatic performances.

• Verona Cathedral: After the 1117 earthquake, it’s a wonder these remnants look so fancy. See what lies behind the marble façade.

• Piazza del Erbe: Now the sprightly main square of the city, the old forum is lined with quaint cafés and gorgeous architectural spectacles.

• Juliet’s House: The stone balcony heard the calls and cries of Shakespeare’s Juliet in his classic tragedy. You can even leave a note for the lady herself.

Insider Tips


1. Etch a message on the wall for Juliet. Her Gothic-style house is obviously a fictional pick, but it really creates a sense of magic in Verona.

2. If you’re looking for panoramic photo opportunities, Torre dei Lamberti is 275 feet up and stares out across the entire city.

3. No matter which seats you choose, a night at the opera is a must-do. The classic compositions are totally spellbinding, and the arena is a top venue.


venice shopping

Can you hear that? The ‘Golden Mile’ of shopping is calling. Via Mazzini is a boutique haven, with Italian labels leading the way for upscale brands. There are some authentic little shops, with antiques and trinkets, too, along with other stores selling chic stationery down the Corso Porta Borsari. Window shopping optional.

If you're in town

Insider Tips

  • 15th September 2016 – Tocati:
    The traditional games festival is designed to keep young minds alert, with spinning tops and marbles to play with alongside live concerts.
  • June 2017 – Verona Jazz:
    Witness some of the very best jazz musicians flock to the city to tinkle saxophones and hit the most soulful notes.
  • June-August 2017 – Verona Opera Festival:
    Verona and opera go way back. The world’s third largest theatre is the ideal spot for dramatic and dazzling vocal displays.
  • June-September 2017 – Verona Shakespeare Festival:
    The playwright’s classic Romeo and Juliet is widely celebrated in the star-struck city, so get in amongst the tales.

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