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Every day on social media we are greeted with incredible photos from people around the world, whether it is friends who are travelling and on holiday, or companies showing off their most beautiful destinations.

We thought it would be interesting to investigate which places around the world were actually photographed the most, using the most popular social media and photo sharing sites online.

We counted the number of images of each country on Instagram, Flickr, Photobucket and DeviantArt and ranked them on each platform, before bringing the rankings together to hail one overall winner.

The results were extremely interesting, showing a lot of variety between different platforms, but in the end it was the USA that came out on top, followed by Japan and Italy, with the UK following closely in fourth place.

The graphic below shows the top 50 most photographed countries overall, along with the top 50 on each individual platform.

Where did your favourite holiday destination feature?

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