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Resort Flight Check-in®

Want to enjoy the last day of your Cyprus holiday bag-free and stress-free? Choose a selected hotel in Paphos or Larnaca, with our innovative and free service, Resort Flight Check-in, and make going home a whole lot easier.

Simply drop your bags off with our specialist Jet2holidays team at your hotel on the morning of your flight home, then kick back, relax and focus on enjoying the final day of your holiday. And at the airport, you can sail straight through to security!

Free Resort Flight Check-In® explained in 60 seconds

We’ll make going home so much easier!

If your flight is leaving after 11am, you can now use our free Resort Flight Check-in service at selected Cyprus hotels (please see hotel details for more information).

It’s the smart choice because you’ll:

  • Have all your bags taken care of at your hotel
  • Enjoy your last day on holiday bag-free
  • Sail straight through to security at the airport
  • Only pick your bags back up at your UK airport

Resort Flight Check-In® hotels in

How does Resort Flight Check-in® work?

Here's a step-by-step video on how Resort Flight Check-in works...

Resort Flight Check-in® FAQs

How do I book Resort Flight Check-in?

You don’t need to book this service. If you’ve checked in online, you’ll receive a personal invite via text message 72 hours before your flight home. Then simply head to the designated Resort Flight Check-in area at the time you’ve been told, and our team will check your bags in.

What if I can’t print my boarding passes?

It’s great if you already have your boarding passes printed, but it’s fine if you don’t – we’ll print them for you.

Do I need to bring my hand luggage when I use Resort Flight Check-in?

No, this will be tagged, where necessary, by our Red Team at the airport, so you can keep it with you on your last day.

Do I need to bring my pram to check in with my baggage when using Resort Flight Check-in?

You can bring it to the designated Resort Flight Check-in area to be tagged but then keep hold of it until you board your flight, or you can check it in at the airport – it's up to you.

How much does your Resort Flight Check-in service cost?

Nothing – it’s completely free!

There are six people travelling in my group, can I really do Resort Flight Check-in by myself and drop off bags for them all?

Yes! It only takes one person from a party to check in and drop bags off for up to six people. Just remember, that person will need to take along passports, boarding passes and any other essential travel documents for each member of the party when they go to use Resort Flight Check-in.

What if my group has more than six people?

If you have up to nine people in your party, two people will need to go to drop all the bags off. For groups of ten or more, customers will individually need to drop off their own bags.

Is there a limit on the number of people that can use the service?

No – it's available for all our customers, as long as you’ve checked in online, your hotel offers Resort Flight Check-in and your return flight leaves after 11am.

Can I use Resort Flight Check-in for sporting equipment and oversized baggage?

No, you’ll need to take this to the airport to be checked in at the check-in desk. All bags weighing over 22kg will also need to be checked in at the airport.

Can I use Resort Flight Check-in for electric wheelchairs and scooters?

No, you’ll need to take these to the airport to be checked in at the check-in desk.

How secure is our Resort Flight Check-in?

Your bags are loaded onto our trucks by our specialist team and sealed securely. They’re then taken straight to the airport for standard security checks before being safely stowed on the plane.

Do I have to check all my luggage in?

You don’t need to check in all your luggage allowance using Resort Flight Check-in. You can keep hold of one of your bags for essential items if needed. However, you'll then need to use the airport check-in as usual. The choice is yours!
*Terms and conditions apply

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