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Keep safe and happy on holiday

We know how important your holiday is and we want you to the make most of it by staying safe and well. Take a look at our handy top tips for a happy holiday:

Keep your valuables safe and sound

We wouldn’t want anything unexpected to spoil your holiday so keep valuables, passports and return boarding cards in a secure place. Be careful not to pack these items or any cash in your checked-in baggage and please use safety deposit boxes at your hotel where available.

Look out for fire safety notices

On arrival at your accommodation, look at the fire instruction notice in your room and make sure you know where your nearest escape route is. In the unlikely event of a fire, remember not to use a lift.

Little ones in lifts

Always accompany the kids when they use a lift, just in case of any problems.

Beautiful balcony views

A balcony is a great place for taking in the view, but do take care. Stay away from the edge and make sure the kids aren’t left alone.

Down by the pool

Keep an eye on children at all times when they’re playing in the pool as not all hotels have lifeguards. Familiarise yourself with the pool layout, depth and rules and remember to take care on slippery surfaces.

By the beach

The beach can often be the best bit of your trip, but check for warning flags and signage before swimming. Look out for designated zoned swim areas away from motorised water sports.

Healthy advice

We all love the sun, but it’s important to take care when you’re in hot destinations. Carry and drink bottled water to stay hydrated. Use adequate sun protection and stay out of the sun in the hottest part of the day.

In case of emergency

If you get a stomach upset or any other illness, please contact our 24-hour emergency helpline: 0044 113 387 9501.

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