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Olu Deniz Holidays

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Olu Deniz really draws you in with its incredible location. The focal point of the resort is the eye-wateringly beautiful Blue Lagoon, a protected nature reserve that features a long, radiant strip of white sand that branches out to form a peaceful bay. This tranquil setting is then made all the more serene by the rippling blue shades of its calm water, engulfed on all sides by the pine forested Babadag Mountain that reaches into the skies.

Relaxing holidays based around a beautiful lagoon

With a locale as idyllic as this, it’s not surprising that paragliding is a very popular activity here. Seeing the lagoon from above really helps you to appreciate its astounding beauty. Although there’s certainly just as much fun to be had out on the water itself, enjoying parasailing or pedaloes in such a secluded bay. Even simply swimming in the lagoon is a delight, thanks to its whirlpool-warmth and gently shelving sand.

But as difficult as it may seem to tear yourself away from this wonderful beach, there’s lots to discover around the resort too. The famous scenic walk of the Lycian Way is close by, whilst fascinating historical sites are only a few miles away at the crumbling ghost town of Kayakoy and the ancient tombs and amphitheatres in Fethiye.

After exploring the surrounding areas, you’ll find balmy evenings in Olu Deniz take on a suitably chilled character. Watch the orange glow of the sunset descend gracefully under the mountains as you enjoy char-grilled kebabs at traditional Turkish restaurants. A trip to the local beachfront bars in the resort will see you appreciating those scenic seaside views yet again, this time with a cool cocktail in hand amidst green forests and twirling vines. The perfect way to round off a day spent in paradise.

Scenic attractions and exciting activities

When it comes to activities in Olu Deniz, it’s all about making the most of the stunning natural scenery that surrounds you. It’s likely that your holidays in Olu Deniz will be focused around the Blue Lagoon, admiring the serene turquoise bay surrounded by pine-forested mountains. The warm, crystalline waters and calm currents make the perfect conditions for scuba diving, and there are facilities available for everyone from experts to beginners. Under the water you’ll have a chance of spotting turtles, eels, octopuses and more, although the visibility is so good you still might see a variety of vibrant fish and corals when snorkelling across the surface.

However, the best way to really appreciate the lush colours of your environment is to head to the Babadag Mountain that rises above the lagoon. As you ascend, you’ll see the terrain changing from valleys of fragrant pine to an arid, desert-like peak. Close to the top, there’s a very popular paragliding launch spot, often described as one of the best in the world. Due to the great level of interest, there are several paragliding schools in the area, so you could have lessons or even paraglide in tandem if you are a complete beginner. Your swooping glide to the bottom will reveal the blue lagoon in its fully glory with a bird’s eye view of the thin strip of white sand leading to water that transforms tones from turquoise to azure and aquamarine.

But if you’re not sure about taking the plunge into paragliding, there’s still plenty of opportunity to enjoy the scenery by walking on the Lycian Way. This ancient footpath stretches for over 500km, from Olu Deniz all the way east to Hisarcandir near Antalya. Whilst the route has many peaks and troughs, walking just a short section in Olu Deniz will reward you with incredible views of densely forested mountains and fascinating archaeological sites. It also passes the Butterfly Valley in Faralya, 9 miles south of Olu Deniz. This deep, rocky canyon gets its name from the swarms of rare butterflies you’ll see here, while the area has a hippy community that fell in love with the isolated nature of the valley and the beauty of its cascading waterfalls and peaceful golden beach. If you don’t fancy making the walk, there are boat trips direct from the nearby resort of Fethiye.

Another great advantage of the location of Olu Deniz is that it’s very close to several astounding historical sites. For instance, the ghost town of Kayakoy is just 4 miles away. This eerily empty village was a Greek town until 1923, when a Greco-Turkish agreement forced all Greek nationals to move back to Greece. Visiting this UNESCO-protected site, you’ll see rows of roofless, crumbling cobbled houses. The deserted churches in particular are extremely affecting – inside the light glows inwards from windowless arches, illuminating the weathered white interior.

For much older historical attractions, the ancient tombs and Roman ruins of Fethiye are just 7 miles away, and there is a regular mini bus (known as a ‘dolmus’) that links the two resorts. Fethiye is most famous for its Lycian Rock Tombs, carved directly out of the cliffs themselves over 3,000 years ago. The intricate stonework of the tombs is simply staggering, and it shows the effort the ancient Lycian civilisation made to honour its kings. Also in Fethiye, you’ll uncover the terracotta coloured Roman ruins of the 2nd century Telmessos Theatre, the silvery stone of the Pinara Lycian Amphitheatre, an archaeological museum featuring Lycian coins and ceramics and a medieval castle built by the Knights of St.John.

For families, perhaps the best fun to be found in Olu Deniz is at the watersports centres that offer many exciting watery activities including banana boats, doughnuts and pedaloes. The mountainside resort of Ovacik is also only a mile away and has a small waterpark with a choice of colourful slides and spiralling water chutes.

“Take some time out to enjoy the lush, stunning scenery and book a paragliding trip - an absolutely breathtaking experience.”

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Olu Deniz

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