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When you see the white arcing sands of Cyprus’s West Coast, you’ll soon understand why the legend endures that Aphrodite herself rose from the seas surrounding these shores. The beaches here are incredibly idyllic, leading to the iridescent tones of warm turquoise waters. But more than just a beautiful sunbathing spot, the West Coast of Cyprus has several ancient sites, proving its appeal across ages and civilisations.

A region of ancient attraction

And while fascinating archaeological sites are still here to see in all their glory, thankfully the two main resorts of Paphos and Limassol have all the mod-cons you’d expect on your holidays too.

Paphos has a particularly vibrant nightlife scene, as well as a colourful water park and a perfectly sculpted golf course for brilliant sun holidays. Although, it’s true that the 2,500 year-old temples and tombs deserve much of the attention. An amazing array of activities mean family holidays are popular here too, with Akti Beach Village offering the perfect place to stay.

Just a short distance northwest of Paphos lies one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the West Coast – Coral Bay. The light golden sand is so inviting here that many hotels have actually based themselves around the beach. So if you’d like a great value all inclusive holiday in a dreamy destination, stay at the Ascos Coral Beach with Jet2holidays.

In the opposite direction from Paphos, a journey southeast will take you to the exclusive resort of Aphrodite Hills. Here you’ll be perfectly placed to visit both the ancient ruins of Paphos and Limassol. Plus, staying at the five-star  Intercontinental Aphrodite Hills with Jet2holidays puts you inside the grounds of one of Cyprus’s best golf courses, where huge sapphire lakes intersect emerald island greens. Added with the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea and dusky brown mountains, it makes for a very memorable game of golf. It's no wonder this  stunning property is part of our exclusive Indulgent Escapes range!

Further west still is the second largest city in Cyprus, Limassol. It’s a resort that manages to combine a distinct cosmopolitan style with beaches of glistening gold and a pretty pastel-coloured Old Town. Limassol sits between two ancient cities, so as well as vibrant bars, clubs and shops, you’ll also find that archaeological delights are in abundance here too. A place that combines nightlife, beaches and great golfing? That’s holidays in Cyprus West Coast to a tee! Stay at the excellent value all inclusive Elias Beach hotel in Limassol and you'll discover just how great holidays here can be!

So much to see on holidays to Cyprus's West Coast

As an island of great focus for the Hellenic and Roman civilisations, the west coast of Cyprus has a great number of fascinating archaeological sites. Some of them are remarkably well-preserved too, such as the grand stone temples at the Tombs of the Kings in Paphos.

The earthen structures here were seemingly carved into the ground over 2,500 years ago. Stand amongst the main shady courtyard at the centre and you’ll see Doric columns of smooth white rock, as well as weathered yellow stone buildings that you can actually walk up to and touch. It’s incredible to think that the tombs were built so far back in the past.

But the Tombs of the Kings is not the only ancient site to admire in Paphos. The Kato Paphos Archaeological Park has a silvery grey stone Odeon, whose seats are still in remarkably good condition. Six columns of the Roman House of Theseus are still standing too, whilst the lone arched gateways of Saranda Kolones Fortress have become something of an emblem for the park itself. Although best of all are the perfectly preserved mosaics that line the floors of these villas – amazingly they have still retained the vivid vibrancy of their colours.

With two incredible sites, you’d think this would be more than enough for culture buffs on holidays in Cyprus West Coast. And yet Limassol reveals yet more Hellenic treasures. This Cypriot city sits between the two most ancient cities of the island – Kourion and Amathus. Sitting on the edge of Episkopi Bay, Kourion endured from Hellenic times until the Middle Ages. Even passing through several civilisations, the Hellenic amphitheatre here seats over 2,000 people and was once used for gladiatorial games. In fact, it is so well-preserved that the theatre is still used for concerts today. The Temple of Apollo has just a few columns remaining to stand beaming white in the midday sun, although the coloured mosaics are fascinating here too.

On the opposite, eastern side of Limassol, Amathus is the oldest of all ancient cities on the island. The most impressive structure here is also named the Temple of Apollo, two columns rise above previous ones that have crumbled into stumps. However, considering the city dates back to the 11th century BC, some of its foundations have fared pretty well!

Although if you prefer scenic sights over history, you may well fall in love with Aphrodite’s Rock. 15 miles south from Paphos, the glistening white stone that rises triumphantly out of turquoise waters is said to be the spot where Aphrodite first appeared. And if the goddess has really taken your fancy, you can follow in her footsteps northwards to the Akamas Peninsula National Park. This beautiful area has golden mountains edged by curving green cypresses and a sea of shimmering sapphire. More importantly for those on Aphrodite’s trail, it has a secluded rock pool with a lightly trickling waterfall known as the Baths of Aphrodite.

But whether you get lost in the island’s mythology or not, idyllic scenes are abound at every part of Cyprus, especially at the beaches of the West Coast. Lara Bay is perhaps the best brushstroke of sand you’ll see – it’s practically empty all year round, making you feel as it you’ve arrived at your own desert island. It’s also a site for endangered loggerhead turtles, proving that they sure know how to pick the finest, lightest sand!

For holidays in Cyprus West Coast with a family focus, the Paphos Aphrodite Water Park is a colourful, fun-filled attraction. All the classic slides and rides are here, including the super-fast Kamikaze and a relaxing Lazy River. Not to be outdone for family holidays, the Luna Park in Limassol is like a fabulous retro fun fair. It features a large big wheel, ten-pin bowling alleys and some great old-school rollercoasters.

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Cyprus (Paphos)

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