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£80 OFF per person on all holidays!

  • Low £60pp Deposit
  • 22kg Baggage Allowance
  • Convenient Flight Times
  • Transfers Included
  • 2-5 Star Accommodation
  • Fully ATOL Protected

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I redeem myJet2 points on a Jet2holiday?

    Throughout the year we will run incentives to allow you to redeem myJet2 points in conjunction with a Jet2holiday.

  • How and when do I get my tickets?

    If you have supplied us with an email address your vouchers will be sent direct to your email, 4 weeks before departure. If you have chosen for these to be sent to a postal address your vouchers should arrive approximately 3 weeks before departure.

  • Do you require middle names on my travel documents?

    We do not require middle names on your booking. As long as the first name and surname are spelt correctly on your documents, there will be no issues at the airport.

  • What if I have special requirements or a medical condition?

    We will try and meet the requirements of all customers with special requirements, e.g. wheelchair assistance, or those with a medical condition. It is vital you notify the Special Assistance team of any special requirements before you travel on 0800 408 5591 or +44 (0) 203 059 8337 from outside the UK, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

  • Do you allow the carriage of wheelchairs and mobility aids?

    We will carry up to two pieces of mobility equipment per person free of charge in the aircraft hold subject to capacity of the operating aircraft. Please ensure you have taken out suitable insurance for this equipment as the carrier's liability is limited by the Montreal Convention.
    Special permission must be requested when bookings are made for mobility aids over 32kgs because of weight and space restrictions. Due to limited space on the aircraft and for safety reasons motorised mobility aids may only be carried provided the specified criteria are all met. Motorised aids must be pre-booked via our Special Assistance team. Please call 0800 408 5591 or +44 (0) 203 059 8337 from outside the UK, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

  • What happens if I need an adapted room/transfer?

    If you require an adapted room or transfer, you must state so at the time of booking. A request will then be sent to your hotel of choice to enquire about the availability of an adapted room. If an adapted room is not available, we will contact you immediately and allow you the option of amending your holiday without the normal amendment fees or, where a suitable alternative property cannot be found, a free of charge cancellation.

    We provide shuttle transfers to all of our customers inclusive of the price of the package holiday (except City Breaks) but if you do require an adapted transfer we may need to charge an additional fee for the use of a ‘Private Transfer’ but the only cost you will pay is the charge levied by our supplier. It may not be possible to travel on a shuttle transfer if you are travelling with an Electric Mobility Device therefore a ‘Private Transfer’ may need to be booked at the relevant fee.

    Please note, Jet2holidays is not a specialist provider for disabled travellers.

  • Can I bring medical syringes onboard?

    If you need to carry syringes, needles, insulin pens, epipens and medication in the aircraft cabin, you must carry a letter from your doctor confirming the need to carry them with you. If injections are required during the flight, they must be self-administered. is happy for you to travel with injections where your medical condition requires it. As security screening at airports is outside the control of, you should discuss a contingency plan with your doctor to enable you to travel safely in the unlikely event that the authorities do not allow your equipment to be carried in cabin baggage.

    You will need to declare the needles at Check-in, Security and to the senior cabin crew member when boarding the aircraft.

  • Do I receive a luggage allowance for my infant?

    You do not receive a full luggage allowance for your infant but you do for children over the age of 2. For your family’s convenience, collapsible pushchairs/buggies may be used to the aircraft steps/air bridge and can be claimed at the baggage reclaim. Collapsible pushchairs/buggies or children’s car seats up to a total maximum weight of 10kgs (for both items) do not form part of the baggage allowance and may be carried free of charge. Anything over 10kgs will be charged the applicable excess luggage fees.

  • Can I carry baby supplies?

    If you are travelling with a baby we recommend to carry extras supplies of necessary infant items in your hand luggage, such as formula milk (subject to airport security restrictions on fluids) and nappies. Please be aware that baby milk and food may be required to be tasted by the responsible adult.

  • Can I take a car seat, pushchair and/or travel cot?

    Collapsible pushchairs/buggies, children’s car seats and travel cots up to a total maximum weight of 10kgs (for all items) do not form part of the luggage allowance and may be carried free of charge. If the combined weight is more than 10kgs, excess baggage charges will apply. If you are carrying more than one item then please inform Jet2holidays so we can advise our local agents in resort to ensure the transfer you have booked will accommodate the extras or on occasion you may need to change to a private transfer at an extra cost.

  • How can I be sure that my party are seated together?

    In order to guarantee that your party will be seated together, we recommend that you pre-book your seats at the applicable fees at the time of booking or by logging on to the Manage My Booking link here. Enter your Jet2holidays booking reference number, surname and departure date. Once logged on to your booking please select Add Holiday Extras.

    Alternatively seats are allocated at check in on a first come first served basis. Please note that emergency exit seats are only suitable for able-bodied adults (aged 16 and over).

  • Do you offer extra leg room seats?

    Yes we do offer extra leg room seats on all our aircraft. These seats are clearly marked on our seat maps and a generally located towards the front of the aircraft and alongside the wing exit seats in the middle of the aircraft. These can be pre-booked for a small charge at the time of booking or by logging on to the Manage My Booking link, subject to availability. Please note that emergency exit seats are only suitable for able-bodied adults (aged 14 and over).

  • Can I book accommodation only?

    Jet2holidays do not provide accommodation only bookings.

  • What is my hand baggage allowance?

    Each passenger is allowed one piece of hand baggage weighing no more than 10kgs and dimensions not in excess of 56x45x25cm including wheels and handles. Any piece of baggage that does not meet these requirements will need to be checked in as hold luggage and the relevant fee will be charged at check in.

  • What is my checked baggage allowance?

    The number of bags allowed for check in will be displayed on your confirmation. Each bag can weigh no more than 22kgs. Any bag weighing over this will be subject to the airline’s excess luggage fees and no single item of baggage can weigh over 32kgs. Additional baggage allowance can be purchased at the time of booking or by logging on to the Manage My Booking section here. Enter your Jet2holidays booking reference number, surname and departure date. Once logged on to your booking please select Add Holiday Extras.

  • Can I take sporting equipment such as golf clubs, ski equipment, snowboards, bicycles and surf boards?

    You can add sporting equipment on to your booking by contact the Pre-Travel Service team 0800 408 5597. There will be a charge from the airline and there may be a charge from our transfer provider to carry these. Occasionally you may need to upgrade to a private transfer for the carriage of additional equipment in resort. The maximum weight of all sporting equipment is 20kgs.

  • How can I pay my balance?

    Your balance is required 10 weeks prior to your departure. This will automatically be taken from the card that you used to pay your deposit with. Should this process fail we will email you to advise you.
    If you wish to make payments towards your balance, pay your balance early or change the card in which you are paying your final balance with, you can do so by calling 0800 408 5597 or by logging on to the Manage My Booking link here. Enter your Jet2holidays booking reference number, surname and departure date. Once logged on to your booking please select Make a Payment.

  • When will you take my final balance?

    Your final balance will be taken in the early hours of the morning after the payment is due, this is to allow you the time to contact us during the day to pay on an alternative card if you should need to do so. Once the deadline has elapsed, your final balance payment will be taken from the card used to confirm your booking.

  • Which payment methods are accepted?

    You can pay online using a credit or debit card or you can pay via PayPal. For payment via the Call Centre you can pay using a credit or debit card only.

    Paypal is currently for airline only bookings.

  • How much deposit is required?

    Your deposit for a Jet2holidays booking will be £60 per person. At the time of booking you will be given the option of paying the full balance or simply paying a deposit of £60 per person, with the full balance being payable 10 weeks before departure. In the event that your booking is within 10 weeks of departure, payment must be made in full at the time of booking.

  • Can expectant mothers fly?

    There are no special restrictions on pregnant women travelling up to and including the 27th week of pregnancy. Between the 28th and 33rd week of pregnancy travel will only be permitted with a doctor's certificate confirming the stage of pregnancy and fitness to fly which needs to be dated within 7 days of the outbound date of travel and 16 days of the inbound date of travel. The expectant mother has the responsibility to ensure that their condition has not changed since obtaining the Fitness to Fly Certificate and that they feel fit and well to travel. Expectant mothers of 34 weeks or more on the return flight will not be permitted to fly under any circumstances. This means that both the outbound and return parts of the journey must be completed before the end of the 33rd week, not into the 34th week.

  • What identification to I need to travel?

    In order to ensure compliance with Immigration and other governmental authorities, Jet2holidays customers are required to travel with a valid passport and any necessary visas, where required, on all international flights. Please note that if your photographic ID is damaged in any way it may not be accepted. It is important that your passport or other travel identification documentation is valid and that the name on your booking matches the name(s) on your passport for travel on all flights, including UK domestic flights. It is our customers’ responsibility to ensure they meet the correct requirements for the country they are visiting.

  • When do I need to buy travel insurance?

    It is strongly advised that you should take out a travel insurance policy either prior to or immediately after making your holiday booking, as your policy will begin once it has been purchased. Jet2holidays do provide our own travel insurance and you are invited to purchase this at the time of booking your holiday to ensure you are adequately covered. If you do not purchase cover at the time of booking or prior to booking we will be unable to provide a reimbursement in the event you are unable to travel due to a reason which would usually be covered by insurance.

  • What happens if I do not have travel insurance?

    There are, of course, many other reasons why you may personally wish to take out travel insurance but It is a condition of your contract with us that you take out adequate travel insurance suitable for your needs from the date of booking which should cover you if you have to cancel your arrangements, or for any emergencies that arise while you are away. We recommend the insurance we offer as it provides cover which meets most people's needs. We do not check alternative insurance policies for suitability, but reserve the right to request a copy.

  • Why is it asking me for a reference beginning with the number 2 when I try to log on to Manage My Booking?

    If you are trying to log on to the Manage My Booking section of, the website will not recognise your Jet2holidays reference. As flight only references start with a number 2 it will ask you for their reference.
    You cannot log onto the website if you have a package holiday. You can log on to the Manage My Booking section of the Jet2holidays website here using your reference number, lead passenger name and date of departure.

  • Do I have to check in on line?

    With our package holidays you can check in online 28 days before departure or check in at the airport 2 hours before your scheduled departure. There will be no extra charge for either of these options.

  • How do I check-in?

    To check-in for your flights, you will need to access our ‘Manage My Booking’ facility and click the ‘Check-In Online’ tab and follow the instructions. If check-in is not open, there will be a notice explaining when check-in will be available. This is normally 30 days before departure. If you do not have access to a printer or simply wish to check-in at the airport, you may do so at no additional cost.

  • Can I check in online if I am travelling with an infant?

    If you are travelling with an infant your party will be required to check in at the airport to ensure your infant is seated in an appropriate seat.

  • I travel soon and I have not received my travel documents

    If you have not received your travel documents and you travel within 4 weeks, please check your e-mail inbox and also your ‘junk’ mail. If you cannot locate these documents, log in to our Manage My Booking facility on the Jet2holidays website and click the ‘My Holiday Documents’ tab and follow the instructions. If you still do not receive your travel documents, please call our Pre-Travel Services team on 0800 408 5597.

  • Do I need to call you to make amendments to my booking?

    No, you can use our Manage My Booking facility, which allows you to make simple amendments to your booking without the need to call us. If, however, you wish to change a major element of your holiday such as your hotel, you will need to call our Pre-Travel Services team.

    Manage My Booking allows you to make amendments like, adding in-flight meals, selecting specific seats, making name changes and also allows you to check-in online.

  • If a member of my party cannot travel, what are my options?

    In this situation it may be advantageous to consider replacing the affected member of your party with another person by changing their name at the cost of an administration fee. If you wish to cancel this person off the booking it may affect the overall per person cost of you holiday, as additional supplements may need to be paid for under occupied rooms.

  • Do I need to let Jet2holidays know if I am taking Golf Clubs?

    Yes. Jet2holidays need to let our local agent in resort aware that you are carrying golf clubs especially if you are using one of our transfers. If you are carrying golf clubs please be aware there may be a charge applicable to carry them on the transfer or on occasion you may need to change to a private transfer at an extra cost, which is in addition to the extra charge to carry the golf clubs on the flight.

    Please contact Pre Travel Services for assistance.

  • Can I book mobility assistance online?

    Unfortunately we cannot allow you to book mobility assistance online. You will need to contact the Special Assistance team on 0800 408 5591 or +44 (0) 203 059 8337 from outside the UK, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday who will be happy to assist you.

  • If I need to carry extra baggage due to my medical condition are you able to increase my personal baggage allowance?

    We will carry up to two pieces of mobility equipment which are essential for your journey, without charge. In addition, we will consider all requests to carry medical equipment without charge on a case by case basis, taking into account your individual needs. Carriage of any non-essential mobility or medical equipment, in excess of the standard baggage allowance, will be subject to the standard excess baggage rate per kilo. Carriage of all mobility and medical equipment will be subject to available space on the aircraft. If space is not available, the equipment will be sent on the next available flight. Carriage of all mobility and medical equipment will be subject to the provisions for checked and unchecked baggage set out in the Montreal Convention 1999. Please ensure you have appropriate insurance in place to cover you for any eventuality.

  • If I need to take a bike, scuba diving equipment or other sporting equipment, do I need to advise Jet2holidays?

    Yes.  Jet2holidays need to let our local agent in resort  aware that you will be carrying such sporting equipment to ensure the transfer providers can accommodate it. In the event of carrying such sporting equipment please be aware there may be a charge applicable to carry them on the transfer or on occasion you may need to change to a private transfer at an extra cost; which is in addition to the extra charge to carry such sporting equipment on the flight.

    Please contact Pre Travel Services for assistance.

  • Can I make requests?

    It is possible for our customers to make special requests but we cannot guarantee that requests will be met, as all requests are subject to availability. It also may be the case that some hotelier’s charge for pool or sea views, making requests impossible. If you wish to guarantee a facility like this, there may be the option to pay for this at the time of booking.

  • Why has the price of my holiday gone down since I booked?

    We are always committed to offering  our customers our best possible price therefore the cost of our holidays may go up or down. Whilst we always recommend booking early to secure the availability of your chosen holiday along with the price you are happy with; once your booking is confirmed the price is fixed, therefore if the cost goes down you would not be entitled to a refund of the difference.

  • Why can’t I check in online?

    If you have an infant on the booking your party is required to check in at the airport. This is due to security and safety reasons when travelling with an infant.

    If you have added any additional sporting equipment such as golf clubs or ski equipment, you will be required to check in at the airport with these items. Also, if you have added wheelchair assistance to your booking you will need to check in at the airport so that you can confirm your assistance with the staff at the check in desks.
    Some airports do not support online check in which may be the reason why it will allow you to check in for your flight one way but not on your return. These airports are New York, Bodrum and Pula.

  • Can I change my seats once I have booked and paid for them?

    Yes, however you will need to pay for the relevant seat charges to change them. If you have already checked in on-line then no changes are permitted.

  • Do I need to provide Advanced Passenger Information (API) before I fly?

    With a Jet2 package holiday we do not require any passport information prior to your departure.
    We will collect this information upon check in at the airport or if you choose to check in online.
    For New York bookings we will ask for all customers’ dates of birth at the time of booking.

  • How will I receive my vouchers?

    All travel vouchers will be sent to you via e-mail 4 weeks before departure, unless you have selected to receive them through the post.

  • How will I receive my vouchers if I do not have a printer?

    If you do not have a printer you may wish to select delivery by post but this does incur a small administration fee. If you would rather avoid an amendment fee you may wish to print your vouchers at a local library or a relative’s house.

  • What happens if I wish to cancel my holiday?

    The lead name of your holiday must cancel the booking by contacting us by telephone, email or by written letter. The charges shown below apply from the date we receive the notification at our offices. In order to cover our expected losses from the cancellation of the booking, there is a set scale of charges which must be paid:

    Period before departure within which notice of cancellation is received

    70 days or more
    69-57 days
    56-43 days
    42-29 days
    28-15 days
    Under 15 days

    % of total booking price retained by Jet2holidays

    Loss of deposit
    30% (if greater than deposit)

  • Can I make changes to my holiday once I have made a booking and what are the charges?

    The lead name is permitted to make changes to the booking subject to availability at the time of the change. Unfortunately we do not permit changes to all the names on the booking, at least one of the customers (over 18) on the original booking must remain. Any changes are subject to an amendment fee, plus any increase in cost. The amendment fee is payable per person and will be advised at the time of the change. For current admin fees please see below. This is payable at the time of the change and is non-refundable. You are unable to make any changes once you have checked in online. Certain changes are not permitted within 21 days of departure.



    DOB Changes

    Date/Duration or Airport Changes

    Accommodation Changes

    Board/Room Changes

    70+ Days






























    Under 15




    Applicable Canx Fees


    * Plus any additional charges from accommodation provider.

    Amendment fees are payable on the day the change is made and are in addition to any increase in holiday cost.

  • I have checked in online but can’t print my boarding cards?

    If you have checked in online but cannot print your boarding cards you may need to call our Pre-Travel Services team on 0800 408 5597 to discuss the issue, however before you call please ensure you have tried the following things;

    Ensure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer
    Attempted to print the tickets on another PC where possible
    Checked your web browser to ensure pop-up blockers are turned off

  • When do I need to arrive at the airport?

    We recommend that you must check-in at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight time.

  • Do you have reps in resort?

    Yes, in all our beach resorts we have a local presence. In the larger, more popular resorts a representative will have set visiting time but, where visiting the hotel is not possible, we may operate a  ‘by appointment’ service.

    Please note, contact telephone numbers for our local representatives can be found on your travel documents, your welcome letter and on the Jet2holidays notice board in reception.

  • I have a nut allergy - do you sell nuts on board?

    Yes we do sell nuts onboard our flights. If you make Jet2holidays aware of your allergy at the time of booking and also mention this to the crew on boarding the aircraft, we will endeavour to refrain from selling nuts onboard your flight and we will also ask other customers to refrain from eating nut products. We should point out that we cannot guarantee a nut free environment and customers are free to consume their own food onboard.

    Please contact the Special Assistance team on 0800 408 5591 or +44 (0) 203 059 8337 from outside the UK, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday who will be happy to assist you.

  • What terminal do you fly from?

    Glasgow, Terminal 2
    Leeds Bradford, Check-in Hall B
    Manchester Terminal 1, GROUND LEVEL Check-in.
    Amsterdam Schiphol, Hall 3. NB Self Check-in available: (Hand Baggage customers only).
    Barcelona, Terminal 2, Zone B
    Budapest, Terminal 2A
    Malaga, Arrival into Terminal 2, Departure from Terminal 3
    Nice, Terminal 1
    Paris CDG, Terminal 3
    Tenerife, South
    Rome Fiumicino, Terminal 3

  • Will I be charged for checking in at the airport?

    For Jet2holidays customers there is no charge for customers checking in at the airport.

  • What happens if I haven't pre-booked my assistance?

    If you require assistance and arrive at check-in without pre-booking assistance, for safety reasons, you may not be able to travel. Subject to our normal change fees your booking may be changed to a later flight. Please ensure you pre-book to avoid disappointment and disruption to your travel plans. Assistance can be organised by contacting the Special Assistance team on 0800 408 5591 or +44 (0) 203 059 8337 from outside the UK, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

  • Can I carry medication with me?

    We stipulate that you carry all essential medications for the duration of your trip (the length of time you are away from home) in your hand baggage. Please be aware that essential liquid medication in quantities over 100ml must be certified as authentic by a Doctor's letter and must be presented in the original container.

  • Can we combine our luggage allowance into one bag?

    The baggage allowance is 22kgs for each travelling customer per bag booked and paid for (excluding infants). When pre-booking additional bags in advance of travel, the allowance increases by 22kgs per extra bag booked up to a maximum of 3 bags, or 66kgs, per travelling customer. No single item of baggage can weigh more than 32kgs.

    You can combine your luggage allowance into one bag but this bag can only way a maximum of 32kgs. On Jet2holidays bookings (excluding City Breaks) each customer has a 22kg luggage allowance as standard, so there should be no need to combine luggage.

  • What time will my transfer pick me up on my way home?

    Your departure transfer time will vary and may not be known at the time your holiday vouchers are generated and for this reason we do advise customers in the majority of destinations to check the Jet2holidays notice board 48 hours before they are due to leave resort for updated transfer information. If this information is not available, our local representatives can be contacted on the telephone numbers provided.

  • How will we know where to go when we arrive at our destination?

    The travel documents we send to you 4 weeks before departure include your transfer ticket/voucher and upon this document are instructions on where to go once you have collected your hold luggage. If these instructions are at all unclear, please contact the emergency telephone number also contained within your travel documents.

  • I have left an item on the plane, who should I contact?

    Our cabin crew remind all customers to ensure they remove all their personal belongings before disembarking. We operate quick turnarounds and any property found on our aircraft, (including wallets and mobile phones), is handed to the ground handling dispatcher at the airport where it is found to pass onto the Airport's Lost & Found Property department. We regret that we cannot be responsible for tracing your lost property and respectfully ask that you contact the Airport's Lost Property department yourself.

  • My baggage has been lost or damaged?

    If you experience any loss, damage or delay to your baggage you must in the first instance advise the ground handling staff at your arrival airport and complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). If your bag is delayed, they will endeavour to find your bag for 5 days and will provide you with their local telephone contact number.
    Once you have received your PIR - then please click here and enter your details to see the latest status regarding your bag.

    If your bag has still not been found after 5 days, Central Baggage Services will take over the responsibility of looking for your bag. They can be contacted on the following numbers:
    From within the UK: 0871 288 7362 (call charged at 10p per minute)
    From outside the UK: +370 523 63402 (local international rate)
    This Call Centre is open 08:00 to 20:00hrs local UK time.

    In addition, you will need to write to us at the address below enclosing a copy of the completed PIR, baggage tag receipt and original purchase receipts (to evidence the age and value of the item), within 7 days for damaged bags and within 21 days for delayed or lost bags.

    Customer Service Team
    PO Box 284,
    LS11 1GE

    We aim to respond to you within 28 days.

    Please note that will not accept liability for valuable items (e.g. jewellery, cameras, laptops, cash, electrical equipment, and documents) contained within any checked-in hold baggage because it is permissible for such items to be carried within hand baggage in the cabin. The limits of our liability in relation to baggage are described in detail in our Terms and Conditions. We cannot consider claims where the original bag tag receipt is not produced.

    Under international convention, any payment that the carrier is liable to pay for lost or damaged items is limited. This is why we strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance. We would suggest that you try to pursue a claim with your travel insurer in the first instance as they are more likely to offer a higher level of compensation than ourselves. As is committed to offering the best fares to our customers by keeping our overheads as low as possible, we do not consider claims for damage to baggage below 30GBP / 40EUR / 58CHF / 1060CZK / 165PLN in value.

  • Do you offer a discount/loyalty scheme for returning customers?

    Yes we do, you can become a myJet2 member, where there are so many great reasons for joining us. But don’t just take our word for it – the proof is in the promotions!
    Over the last few months alone, we’ve offered our valued myJet2 members an amazing array of exclusive offers. Here’s just a small selection to show how we wow our members:
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    Exclusive notifications – to find out where we’re flying first! We keep our myJet2 members in the know by telling them all about new routes and fares.
    Special surveys – our myJet2 members mean so much to us, we always want to know what they think. We even asked them to choose their favourite meals to help create our new in-flight menu.
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  • How do I give feedback on my trip?

    If you would like to contact us to share your travel experiences, or discuss any aspect of our service, please write to us at the address below. To help us deal with your enquiry please include the following information at the top of your letter.

    Your unique booking reference (e.g. 1234567/S14H).
    Lead passenger name
    Departure date (dd/mm/yy)
    Leaving from | Flying to

    Customer Service Team
    PO Box 284,
    LS11 1GE

    Or e-mail us at

  • I made a purchase on the flight but it is faulty, who do I contact?

    If you have made a purchase onboard and the item is faulty you will need to send the item, along with a copy of your purchase receipt  and a letter asking for either a replacement item or a refund to;

    Customer Service Team
    PO Box 284,
    LS11 1GE

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