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Agency special assistance request form

Please only complete this form if a customer needs mobility assistance, to disclose any medical conditions or have any additional medical or assistance needs we need to be aware of.

Important information:

  • If your customer is travelling with their own electronic mobility device, please fill out this form instead. Otherwise, please complete the form below.
  • If your customer is travelling with a CPAP machine, suffer from any allergies or require any further information about Special Assistance, please refer to our FAQs.

How it works

Step 1: Fill in all fields
Then submit the form.
Step 2: Wait for us to get in touch
This could be by email or phone call, depending on whether we need further details from you.
Step 3: Enjoy your holiday

Customer details

Once you’ve filled in the below, please check that you’ve added the correct details before submitting the form.

Section 1 – Mobility assistance

If you (or a passenger on your booking) are travelling with your own electronic mobility device, please fill out the form outlined above as well. Otherwise, please answer all the questions below.

Please note: Wheelchair assistance is provided from the check-in desks to the plane, both at the UK and overseas airports.

Is the customer in question...

Section 2 – Medical conditions and disabilities

Please only complete this section if a customer (or a customer on the booking) has a medical condition or disability that you need to inform us of.

For the customer in question...

Further information

If this form doesn’t address your customer's specific special assistance needs, or you want to discuss anything in further detail, please contact us on 0800 408 5591.

Unfortunately, if you don’t tell us about any relevant medical conditions or specific medical equipment needed for any passengers on the booking, we may not be able to make the necessary arrangements to ensure your safety, so you may be unable to travel.

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