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We’re making it easier than ever to pay for your holiday! It’s totally up to you – you can pay in full or, depending on when you depart, with just a £60pp deposit* and then spread the rest as and when you like or in monthly chunks.

With Pay Monthly, our handy new service, you can pay a £60pp deposit to secure your booking, then make interest-free monthly payments towards your outstanding balance. With zero payment fees, this hassle-free service allows you to spread out the cost of your holiday.

When making your booking, decide how much you’d like to pay as a deposit, starting from £60pp, then we’ll split the remaining balance into payments up to the month it’s due. And if you don’t decide to set up a payment plan as soon as you’ve booked, that’s okay – you can set one up inside Manage My Booking.

Three easy ways to pay

Pay Monthly*
Only £60pp deposit then a minimum of 3 monthly payments with zero payment fees
Pay low deposit or part pay
Only £60pp to secure your holiday then pay as and when you like up to 10 weeks before you travel
Pay in full
Sit back and relax knowing your holiday’s paid for

How Pay Monthly works

1. Pick your holiday and choose Pay Monthly* at checkout

2. Select your preferred monthly payment due date

3. Set up payments with either a debit card, credit card or PayPal

4. Have a lovely holiday!

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Why Pay Monthly?

Spread the cost of your holiday
Into manageable chunks
Zero payment fees
Including no interest
Control your payment plan
Pick a payment date to suit you
Amend or cancel the plan any time
If you change your mind

Summer holidays 2021

Pay Monthly FAQs

Will it cost me any extra to use Pay Monthly*?

No – there are zero payment fees and no interest fees. You’ll pay exactly what you’d pay if you paid for the entirety of your holiday at the time of booking.

Who’s eligible for Pay Monthly*?

It all depends on when you’re booking your holiday for. As long as you can make a minimum of two monthly payments and one final balance payment, 70 days before departure, you’ll be able to use our Pay Monthly* service.

Can I decide the date I make monthly payments on?

Yes! You’ll have to select the date of the month you’d like your payments to come out on, so we can take the money straight out of the account you’re paying your deposit with, on your preferred date.

Can I make changes to my monthly payment plan?

Once you’ve set up your payment plan, you can manage and amend it at any time inside Manage My Booking. That means you can check when your next payment’s due, how many payments are left, change the monthly payment date, register a new payment method or make additional payments.

Can I cancel my monthly payment plan?

Yes, you’re in complete control of your plan and can cancel it at any time inside Manage My Booking.

What happens if I add to the total of my booking by buying extras like meals or seats?

That’s no problem, we’ll just add it to the final payment of your plan.

Can I change how much I pay every month?

No. Once you’ve decided how much you’d like to pay for the initial payment, we’ll spread the rest between the remaining payments.

The card I paid with will expire before the end of monthly my payment plan – can I change it?

Yes, just log in to Manage My Booking and choose ‘Register a new payment method’.

What happens if my card’s expired and the monthly payment can’t be taken?

If we’re unable to take the monthly payment from your nominated bank account, we’ll simply add it to your final balance. If this happens more than once, we’ll cancel your plan.

Can I make monthly payments using a credit card?

Yes, you can pay using a credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Will you remind me about my monthly payments?

Yes, we’ll send you a helpful reminder five days before each payment.

What if I want to make part payments instead?

You can continue to make part payments as and when you like inside Manage My Booking up to the date your balance is due.

*Terms and conditions apply

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