Beach safety

Follow the 4-point Water Safety Code:

  • Spot the dangers - check out the beach when you arrive; take care when bathing and swimming; be aware of dangerous rip currents and strong tides; don’t swim near or dive from rocks, piers, breakwaters and coral.
  • Take safety advice - swim where there’s a lifeguard on patrol and take their advice; look out for information – warning flags and signs – and adhere to them at all times; never swim where a sign says not to. e.g. zoned areas for jet boats and jet skis.
  • Don’t go alone - never swim alone; make sure there are other people around; children must be supervised by an adult at all times; never swim at night, after drinking alcohol or on a full stomach.
  • Learn how to help - If you see someone in difficulty, tell somebody, preferably a lifeguard if there’s one nearby; find out what to do in an emergency, i.e. call local coastguard or equivalent.
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