Safety when out and about

Going out - At night avoid poorly lit areas; if possible never walk back to your hotel / holiday accommodation alone; be aware of what’s going on around you and keep away from situations where you’re uncomfortable; if you’re out as part of a group, look out for one another; consider very carefully whether you should leave a pub, club or event with someone you’ve just met; if you’re not sure where you’re going ask your customer helper or hotel reception staff for directions. Alcohol can make you less alert and less in control, so take it easy; never accept drinks from strangers or from anyone you don’t completely trust; try to keep your drink with you at all times; nominate someone to watch your drinks, especially if you’re just going to the toilet; don’t share or exchange drinks; be aware of how much you’ve had to drink and remember alcohol is dehydrating, so drink plenty of water; avoid using recreational drugs, as they’re likely to be illegal in your holiday destination.

Pedestrians - be vigilant at all times. Look both ways before crossing the road; be aware that in most countries traffic will be coming from the opposite direction than you’re used to in the UK and that in some countries traffic isn’t required to stop at pedestrian crossings.

Driving on holiday - check the vehicle is roadworthy and familiarise yourself with all controls before use as they may differ to cars in the UK and Ireland; check that the car hire insurance cover provides adequate cover for the driver and all passengers; always wear a seat belt; familiarise yourself with the local traffic laws; pay particular attention at junctions and roundabouts; always carry emergency/breakdown telephone numbers; always carry a spare set of spectacles (required by law in Spain); NEVER drink and drive; stick to well travelled and/or well lit roads; we strongly advise that you don’t hire mopeds or motorbikes; quad bikes and jet skis should only be used with appropriate safety equipment and under the supervision of the instructor.

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