Pool safety

Swimming pools - remember, every pool is different.  Not all hotels and holiday accommodation employ lifeguards so please supervise any young members / non swimmers of your party, and remember villas will not have lifeguards; don’t assume that there’ll be a lifeguard present. Not all hotels have one available.

Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times in the water.  They should never swim alone.   They shouldn’t push or jump onto others, they must use slides as instructed and you should all know where to get help in an emergency. Non-swimmers should wear floatation devices, and if they are a child they should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Check where the deep and shallow ends are before using the pool and if there are any steep changes in depth.

Have fun, but avoid unruly behaviour and follow the pool rules and information signs at all times; pool surrounds can be very slippery and uneven. Don’t run around them. Allow time after a meal before you swim and never swim when you’ve been drinking alcohol.

When jumping or diving into the pool, check the water depth first. We strongly advise not jumping or diving into pools and you should never dive from the poolside into water which is less than 1.5m deep; don’t jump or dive from any raised features or from poolside furniture; don’t use the pool after dark or when closed, even if it has underwater lights. In the event of an emergency, know how and where to get help.

Use the toilet before going in the pool. Shower before entering the pool; don’t swim (or allow children to swim) if suffering from an upset stomach; a period of 48 hours should be left before entering the pool following a period of stomach related illness; don’t change nappies at poolside; wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet and changing nappies; young children and babies must wear appropriate swim wear (e.g.  rubber lined swimming trunks). Swimming in nappies and nude is unacceptable. All this will assist in ensuring the highest levels of pool hygiene. In the event of a faecal accident in or around the pool, please get out of the pool and report it immediately.

Water slides

Lifeguards may not be present at all hotels/apartments or only at specified times. Please note the following:

  • age and height restrictions may apply; if they do, then please ensure you follow them
  • avoid swimming into landing areas and make sure you swim or walk away from landing areas quickly
  • some slides and water features will not be suitable for weak swimmers, pregnant women or people with certain medical conditions; please check carefully before using the facilities
  • all notices and pool rules for safe use of the slides and water features must be followed at all times
  • opening times of slides may be restricted during the day dependent on weather conditions and hotels’ operational policies;
  • never use the slides or water features if you have been drinking alcohol

  • ABTA swim safe campaign

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