Safety at your accommodation

Balcony safety

Many British holidaymakers die or are severely injured every year as a result of inappropriate and risk taking behaviour on balconies, often after having a few drinks or taking drugs. We urge you to stay safe by following this simple guidance:

  • Do not leave children alone on balconies
  • Never sit or lean over the balconies, step up or climb on any ledges or balcony frames
  • Do not try to pass items to someone on another balcony
  • Do not attempt to climb from one balcony to another
  • Never climb or stand on balcony furniture and keep all furniture away from the balcony wall/railings
  • Never jump into the pool from your balcony 

    Cooking - never leave cookers unattended while in use; ensure all cooking appliances are switched off when you leave your accommodation or when you go to bed.

    Gas water heaters and appliances - always check that gas appliances are turned off when not in use; never use gas cookers as a form of room heating and always follow the operating instructions provided. Please familiarise yourself with how the appliances work. Indications of a faulty appliance include black marks and stains, lazy orange flames instead of crisp blue ones and excessive condensation in the room. If you have concerns speak to reception or another member of the hotel staff. If you’re unsure don’t use it and ask for assistance.

    Never attempt to locate a gas leak yourself or tamper with the gas supply. If you spot any defects or hazards in your holiday accommodation, please ensure that you bring them to the hotelier’s or your customer helper’s attention.

    If you smell gas

  • Extinguish all naked flames and don’t use matches or lighters.
  • Don’t switch lights or any other electrical appliance on or off.
  • If possible isolate the gas supply (i.e. turn off the supply using the tap on the bottle, or the isolator valve if the gas comes from an external storage).
  • Open all doors and windows.
  • Leave the building and allow time for the gas to disperse.
  • Inform reception, the agent, owner.

  • Bathroom - take care in bathrooms as condensation and water spray can make floors slippery and a bath or floor mat may not be provided; don’t use mains electrical appliances near to water. Take care also with glass shower panes.

    Glass doors and windows - be aware that glass doors and windows aren’t always made of toughened / safety glass; take extra care in bright sunlight as it may not be obvious whether the window/door is open or closed, especially when wearing sun glasses.

    Lifts - children shouldn’t use any lifts unaccompanied; not all lifts have internal doors; when using this type stand well back from the exposed wall as there’s no protection from the lift shaft when the lift moves.

    Security - never leave your key where someone can see your room number; don’t leave your window or patio doors open, especially with villas or if your room is on the ground floor or has a balcony; remember to lock doors even when you’re inside the accommodation.

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