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Our Face Mask Policy

Your safety is our priority, so in line with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) guidelines, we’ve created our Face Mask Policy to keep everyone protected while travelling with us.

1. Face masks must be worn by everyone aged six years and over at all our airports and onboard all our flights.

2. If you’re unable to wear a mask, you must let us know in advance to be able to travel.

3. If you fail to wear a face mask without our agreement, you’ll not be allowed to board your flight.


What if I’m exempt from wearing a mask?

If you’re unable to wear a mask, you must let us know in advance to be able to travel. Before you go, please provide proof of your exemption to our Special Assistance team on 0800 408 5591, so that we can authorise your travel. We’ll ask you for specific medical evidence to confirm this, as we don’t accept downloaded exemption cards or lanyards as proof of exemption.

Rules around those that can’t wear masks may vary abroad too. For destination-specific information including transfers, hotels and resorts, check the local guidance in the country you’re visiting on theFCDO website.

Where else do I need to wear my mask

You must wear a face mask...

  • Before you enter the airport
  • In the airport
  • On your flights
  • On your transfers
  • Possibly in parts of your accommodation (as advised locally)
  • Around your holiday resort if local laws say so

On your return journey too

You can’t board any of our flights unless you’re wearing a face mask. While travelling, you can only take off your mask when we ask to ID you at the boarding gate and to eat and drink. But remember, you must put it straight back on when you’ve finished.

There may be some destination-specific information you need to know about face masks too, so please check the FCDO website.

Do I need to wear a mask overseas

Anyone aged six years and over is required to wear a mask inside our all airports and onboard all our flights. Children under six don’t have to wear a mask. However, there may be additional restrictions in some overseas destinations, so please check the FCDO website for more information.

Your step-by-step guide to wearing a face mask

Now you know all about our Face Mask Policy, make sure you get the right type of mask and wear it correctly. Take a look at our handy guide…

1. Get the right type

You need a medical-style mask or a fitted face covering (reusable or disposable) and coverings such as scarves, snoods, balaclavas or similar items are a no-no.

2. Prep your hands

Before putting on or taking off your mask, wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser.

3. Put it on

Lift the mask to your face using the straps and then loop them around each ear. Put the top part of the mask over your nose, then pull the bottom part over your mouth and chin. Remember, you must keep it on throughout the whole flight.

4. Adjust to fit

Smooth down across your face to close any gaps and pinch the shape-forming nose bridge if there is one to improve the fit.

5. Take it off

Reach behind your ears and use the straps to lift the mask off your face. And don’t touch the front that’s been in contact with your nose and mouth. You can only take it off temporarily to eat and drink but must put it straight back on when you’ve finished.

6. Looking after your mask

If your mask is disposable, it’s recommended you change it every 4 hours. And throw it straight in a bin when you’ve finished with it. If it’s reusable, wear it once and keep it in its own bag until you can wash it.

Our guide to a safe and smooth journey

Our pledge to get you back on holiday

Things may look and feel a little different these days, but we want to reassure you that you’re in safe hands when you go on holiday with us. Looking after you every step of the way is what we do best – that’s why we’ll bring you the same industry-leading customer service you know and love, with some extra measures to keep you safe and sound. Watch our guide to a safe and smooth journey to find out more.

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