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Special assistance

From your outbound flight to arriving back in the UK at the end of your holiday, we offer special assistance at every step of the way to help your journey run as smoothly as possible. On this page, you can find everything you need to know about this service, including travelling with an assistance dog, whether you’re fit to fly and all our handy FAQs.

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Assistance dogs

Where allowed, registered assistance dogs can be carried on our flights. We don’t carry any other animals onboard.

Registered assistance dogs must be trained by an organisation that’s an accredited member of the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) or an organisation that meets the full membership criteria of Assistance Dogs International (ADI). Plus, they must be microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and hold a valid pet passport.

If you need to travel with a registered assistance dog on one of our flights, you must tell us in advance by calling us on 0800 408 5591 or messaging us on WhatsApp.

Popular FAQs

Do I need a fit to fly certificate?

If you’re travelling while pregnant, you’ll need a fit to fly certificate. One of the following documents will be required:

  • A Fit to Fly certificate that’s provided by a doctor or midwife on surgery/hospital headed paper, signed and dated within seven days of your departure and 16 days of your return.
  • A pregnancy Fit to Fly certificate provided by us and completed by your medical professional. Please make sure this is signed and stamped for verification purposes, as this certificate will not be valid if incomplete. You can download the certificate here. 

How do I book mobility assistance?

You can book mobility assistance by contacting our Special Assistance team on 0800 408 5591 or on WhatsApp. 

Can I book an extra leg room seat if I’ve used mobility assistance?

Unfortunately not, all of our extra legroom seats are classed as emergency exit rows, so we’re unable to offer extra legroom seats to assistance customers.

I’ve got a nut allergy – what measures will be taken onboard to keep me safe? no longer serve nut-based products onboard, but we can’t guarantee that other customers won’t bring their own nut products. However, if our Cabin Crew are made aware of a customer with a nut allergy, they’ll announce this at the beginning of the flight to make sure everyone knows there’s someone on the plane with a nut allergy. They’ll also tell customers not to eat any nut-based food during the flight. If you have a nut allergy, please inform us beforehand so the Cabin Crew can make this announcement, and let the crew onboard know that you have a nut allergy.

Can I make the company aware that I’ve got a hidden disability?

Of course. Our friendly Customer Helpers have all received training on hidden disabilities and will do everything possible to help you and make your experience as easy as possible. Please contact our Special Assistance team on 0800 408 5591 before you travel to book assistance or to make us aware of any specific requirements. We’ll make every effort to accommodate your needs throughout your journey.

Airport-specific assistance

Select your departure airport from the list below to find out what special assistance is available there.

East Midlands
Leeds Bradford
London Stansted

Need further help?

You can message us on WhatsApp for airport assistance, assistance boarding the aircraft or if you need assistance due to a hidden disability. For anything else, such as adapted rooms and transfers, carrying oxygen onboard or if you are travelling with your own electric mobility device, please call us on 0800 408 5591 and a member of our dedicated Special Assistance team will be more than happy to help. And on the day of travel, you’ll find our friendly Red Team at the airport to help with any further queries you may have! 

Contact us on WhatsApp

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    You can message us on WhatsApp for airport assistance, assistance boarding the aircraft and any hidden disability assistance. For anything else, please call us on 0800 408 5591.

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