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Cool city breaks, a unique identity, astonishing architecture and some sun-bleached beaches to boot – Italy specialises in more than just sumptuous cuisine and mid-afternoon strolls. Enjoy trips to romantic hillside towns and unspoilt fishing villages, too. Along every pavement, there’s something amazingly rustic, charming and endearing to discover.

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Like a fine wine

Throughout the country, from the edge of the Alps on Lake Garda to the Amalfi Coast near Sorrento you’ll find vineyards and cellars dotted all over to sample the finest regional wines. Usually named after their grape varieties, village or area of origin, these top tipples make the drop of the day. The most widespread is Tuscany’s Chianti, which you’ll never see in short supply.

Feast yourself

There’s nothing quite like an authentic Italian meal. Pasta and pizza (attested to have been invented in Naples), play a leading role in all recipes and menus, but there are many local specialities to consider in all regions. Tuscany’s noted for its bean dishes and the Po Valley’s known for its rich risottos. Get to know mozzarella, gorgonzola and pecorino, too.

A shopper’s paradise

Rome and Milan come with all the names you’d expect from some of the leading stylish centres. And nobody seems to be missed out with the likes of Versace, Dior, Bulgari, Gucci and countless small boutique shops, each giving Italy its fashionista status. Get ready to shop ‘til you drop.

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Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi

The little village enjoys stunning panoramic views of the Bay of Naples. Close to Sorrento, Sant’Agata also boasts an exceptional gourmet restaurant, considered one of Italy’s best eateries.

Sorrento Centre

A fragrant frame of lush lemon trees and bougainvillea in bloom surround Sorrento’s sophisticated central piazza, cobbled lanes and picturesque parks.

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In traditional Italian style, you’ll have old streets with modern touches, pretty buildings around every corner and – the bonus feature – a whopping great seafront to catch your eye.