Italy holidays

Holidays to Italy are like no other…. Spellbinding scenery, astonishing architecture and delicious food and drink. And in each region, there’s a little bit of unique magic to unlock. Up in the north of Italy, Lake Garda, Tuscany and the Venetian Riviera charm with their quaint towns and dreamy settings. Down in the south, pastel-hued Sorrento’s just as pretty, with sparkling views of the Bay of Naples. And that’s before we get to Italy’s islands. Sardinia’s white-sand beaches and turquoise waters are nothing short of idyllic. And then there’s Sicily, with its showstopping volcanic landscape and ancient ruins. 

Popular Italy holiday destinations

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Captivating coastlines 

Italy’s a playground for beach lovers. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, depending on where you visit. The Amalfi Coast’s seductive cliffs and hilltop towns mean secret swim spots and sun-kissed lidos are on the cards. Pebbly patches are more Sicily’s and Lake Garda’s style. Meanwhile, paradise is found in Sardinia. It’s got sandy beaches to rival those of the Caribbean.

Foodie feasts

The soul of this country is found in its food, so feasting on authentic dishes is a must. Pasta and pizza play a leading role on all menus, along with local specialities in the country’s regions. Superb seafood is all over the Venetian Riviera, Sorrento and the islands, while Tuscany’s T-bone steaks are a renowned delight. And don’t get us started on the outstanding vino!

Swoonworthy sights

Pack a pair of comfy shoes, there are so many sights to tick off! The Venetian Riviera is just a gondola-ride away from the Grand Canal and Basilica di San Marco. For well-preserved castles and Roman relics, Lake Garda should be on your radar. Equally epic are the rolling vineyards and medieval, treasure-stuffed cities of Tuscany.

Italy resorts

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Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi

The little village enjoys stunning panoramic views of the Bay of Naples. Close to Sorrento, Sant’Agata also boasts an exceptional gourmet restaurant, considered one of Italy’s best eateries.

Sorrento Centre

A fragrant frame of lush lemon trees and bougainvillea in bloom surround Sorrento’s sophisticated central piazza, cobbled lanes and picturesque parks.

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In traditional Italian style, you’ll have old streets with modern touches, pretty buildings around every corner and – the bonus feature – a whopping great seafront to catch your eye.