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Cycling in Menorca

Rolling hillside tracks, flat roads and coastal routes combine in marvellous Menorca to create a playground for pedallers. Whether you’re a pro cyclist or just like to go at your own pace, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you head out on two wheels here on the island.

You’ll never tyre…

Well signposted newer routes go hand in hand with ancient ones, which take in some of Menorca’s oldest landmarks. The large cities of Mahón and Ciutadella both act as great starting points for many of the top routes, while the Camí de Cavalls is by far the most famous.

Other activities

Exploring the island on foot is well worth it too, especially if you’re keen to check out areas you haven’t discovered by bike. Although the capital is filled with charm, each of the island’s resorts are waiting to impress with their unique features, including markets and family-run restaurants.

Enjoy some R&R

Save time to laze on the gorgeous white-sand beaches and coves of the island. Each one comes with a clear expanse of aquamarine water out ahead. You’ll be in your element when you come to refuel too, thanks to the culinary choices such as fresh seafood, Mahón cheese and confectionery.

Menorca cycling hotels

  • Camí de Cavalls
  • Es Castell >> Sant Lluís
  • Ciutadella >> Ferreries

Camí de Cavalls

Suitable for: Daredevils

Difficulty: 5/5

Climb Level: 5/5

Max Altitude: 3515m

Distance: 1852km

The Route: The historic Camí de Cavalls route covers the whole island, taking in coastal scenery as you pass. It poses a test of endurance and a great deal of excitement, so this is one to conquer and shout about! You can ride the full route or enjoy shorter chunks to suit your preference.

Es Castell >> Sant Lluís

Suitable for: Families

Difficulty: 2/5

Climb Level: 1/5

Max Altitude: 26m

Distance: 6.2km

The Route: The Route: Start from the cultural centre of Es Castell, where a castle, fort and churches make up a lot of the landscape. It’s a similar scene in Sant Lluís, but along the way, you’ll pass several other lanes and residential zones. This gentle route is the ideal pick for active families.

Ciutadella >> Ferreries

Suitable for: Seasoned cyclists

Difficulty: 3/5

Climb Level: 4/5

Max Altitude: 316m

Distance: 18.74km

The Route: The port city of Ciutadella is one of the island’s most exciting urban hubs. It also doubles as the starting point of a few top routes. Trace from the centre over to Ferreries, passing through rural countryside as you pedal. Ferreries is particularly pretty, with its classic Balearic whitewashed buildings.

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