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Cycling in Tenerife

The combination of sun-baked flatlands and huge mountain peaks make cycling in Tenerife a real thrill. Many of the island’s best and most varied routes give you the perfect excuse to explore further, delving into local secrets, discovering long-held traditions and uncovering the authentic atmosphere as you go.

Tenerife cycling hotels

  • Santa Cruz >> Las Mercedes >> Santa Cruz
  • Costa Adeje >> El Medano >> Costa Adeje
  • La Orotava >> La Laguna >> La Matanza >> La Orotava

Santa Cruz >> Las Mercedes >> Santa Cruz

Suitable for: Seasoned pros

Difficulty: 3/5

Climb Level: 4/5

Max Altitude: 666m

Distance: 26.6km

The Route: Altitude in mind, this is one for hardened cyclists. Pedal this popular route around Tenerife's capital city. Along the way, you’ll get to enjoy various ascents and descents, through the areas of Las Mercedes and La Laguna. The Anaga Mountains will give you rewarding views, too.

Costa Adeje >> El Medano >> Costa Adeje

Suitable for: Leisurely pedallers

Difficulty: 3/5

Climb Level: 3/5

Max Altitude: 185m

Distance: 52.3km

The Route: This circular route next to the main southern resorts travels along the coast of the island, then you’ll venture inland. Welcome to a varied track that allows you to take in the diverse landscapes around the area of Costa Adeje. It’s a long one, so how about a pit stop for lunch?

La Orotava >> La Laguna >> La Matanza >> La Orotava

Suitable for: Daredevils

Difficulty: 5/5

Climb Level: 5/5

Max Altitude: 786m

Distance: 47.3km

The Route: This long route begins and finishes in the north of the island, where there's cooler weather and idyllic belts of greener landscape. It’s pretty challenging and will take you up high into Mount Teide National Park before returning to the area close to Puerto de la Cruz.

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