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We're operating most of our flights from Terminal 2

All our flights depart from and arrive into Terminal 2 (T2) at Manchester Airport, except flights from Jersey, which land at Terminal 1 (T1).

If you have a taxi, car parking or lounge booking, you’ll need to check the details as it may need to be updated to Terminal 2 (T2).

How to update your car parking or lounge booking

There are a number of different companies you may have pre-booked with for car parking or airport lounges. Please check your email confirmation first to get the contact details of the provider you booked with. The quickest and easiest way to check the terminal on your booking is to contact them directly. If the terminal does need to be changed, your provider can update your booking.

Car parking

If you’ve booked car parking directly with Manchester Airport, please fill in this short form and we’ll make sure you're located in the most convenient car park for Terminal 2.

If you’ve booked car parking through a third party, please contact you booking agent.


If you’ve booked an airport lounge directly with Manchester Airport but your flight will now depart from Terminal 2, please visit Manage My Booking to cancel your existing booking and rebook a Terminal 2 lounge.

If you’ve booked a lounge through a third party, please contact your booking agent.


If you’ve booked a FastTrack pass with Manchester Airport, this won’t be affected by any terminal changes, so you don’t need to do anything.


How to contact us

You can call our Customer Service Team on:

Jet2.com: 0333 300 0042

Jet2holidays: 0333 300 0737

Opening times: Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm

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