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Looking after you at the airport…

Your wellbeing is top priority, so expect to see some new measures to keep you safe and sound.

A clean and safe space

Our airport partners have all been busy stepping up cleaning procedures, limiting terminal access and prepping spaces so you can keep a safe distance where possible. You might see hygiene stations to use throughout too.

The new normal

New safety measures might include temperature checks and changes to how you move around the airport, so keep your eyes peeled for instructions. Our friendly team will be there too and happy to help as always.

Doing your bit

Remember to wear your face mask at all times, keep a safe distance from other people, reduce your contact with things around the airport and wash your hands when you can.

Check in

If you’ve checked in online, head straight to our self-service kiosks. That way, just one touch on screen and you’re done. If you’re using our check-in desks, they’ve now been fitted with a protective screen.

At the boarding gate

Everyone needs to show their own passport and boarding pass to make things touch-free. You’ll hold up your passport, lift your mask so we know it’s you and then scan your own boarding pass. 

Getting on the plane

You’ll board the plane in smaller groups than normal, so please bear with us as we get you safely settled in. Things may be a little slower, but there’s no need to rush, you’re on holiday after all.

FAQs for at the airport

Do I have to wear a face mask in the airport?

Yes, everyone needs to wear a face mask in the airport at all times, apart from children under six years old and people that can’t wear a mask for medical reasons. If you fail to wear a face mask, you’ll be breaking the law and could be fined. Be prepared to put your mask on before you enter the terminal and keep it on the whole time you’re at the airport, as well as onboard the plane, at the overseas airport and as you travel to your accommodation. You might also need to wear your mask at your accommodation and around your resort, so please check the local guidance when you arrive.

Face masks need to cover your mouth and nose and should be either a protective or medical-style mask, or a fitted face covering. Coverings such as scarves, snoods, balaclavas or any similar items aren’t acceptable for travel.

It’s a good idea to stock up on masks before you travel as it’s recommended you change disposable ones every four hours and wash reusable ones after each use. Plus, you’ll need to wear a mask for your whole return journey too.

There may be some destination specific information you need to know about face masks too, so please check the FCDO website.

What if I’m exempt from wearing a mask?

As part of our face mask policy, if you are unable to wear a mask, you must let us know in advance in order to be allowed to travel. Before you go, please provide proof of your exemption to our Special Assistance team on 0800 408 5591, so that we can authorise your travel. We’ll ask you for specific medical evidence to confirm this, as we don’t accept downloaded exemption cards or lanyards as proof of exemption.

Rules around those that can’t wear masks may vary abroad too. For destination specific information including transfers, hotels and resorts, check the local guidance in the country you’re visiting on the FCDO website.

Do children need to wear a mask?

Children under six years old don’t have to wear a mask in UK airports and onboard our flights. However, this may vary in other destinations so please check the FCDO website for more information.

What time do I have to arrive at check-in?

It’s a good idea to arrive a little earlier than usual in case there are extra safety measures in place as you enter the airport. Take a look at the latest information on your departure airport’s website before you set off.

What safety checks will there be at the airport?

It depends which airport you’re flying from, so it’s worth familiarising yourself with what to expect by checking your departure airport’s website before you travel. Some airports might have things like temperature scanning in place.

Can I take my hand luggage onboard?

Yes, you can still take your usual 10kg hand luggage onboard. But we can check your hand luggage into the hold for free if you like – that way we’ll keep things as contact-free as possible on the plane. As our Cabin Crew will be giving you as much space as possible, if you take your hand luggage onboard they won’t be able to help you put it in the overhead lockers for now.

What social distancing measures will there be at check-in?

There’ll be clear signage showing you where to keep your distance from others when queuing. At the check-in desks, we’ve also fitted protective screens for your safety. And our friendly team will still be around to help, but they’ll give you plenty of space to keep you safe.

What social distancing measures will there be at security?

It depends which airport you’re flying from, so it’s worth familiarising yourself with what to expect by checking your departure airport’s website before you travel. But expect to see things like changes to the way you queue or going through security checks in smaller groups.

Will airport facilities be open?

Most of the usual facilities, shops and restaurants should be open, but it’s best to check your departure airport’s website for the latest updates on exactly what’s what. Don’t worry if they’re not open though, we can serve you at your seat with our tasty menu and tax-free treats onboard.

Can I still take my pushchair to the plane?

Yes, you can take your child’s collapsible pushchair to the steps of the plane where our team will put it into the hold as normal. Remember, it must weigh less than 10kg.

How do you handle boarding and leaving the plane?

You’ll board the plane in smaller groups to reduce close contact with other people as much possible. That means rather than queueing, you can sit back and relax until your group is called up. At the boarding gate, everyone will have to show their own passport and boarding pass. You’ll also need to lift your face mask so we can check it’s you and then you’ll scan your own pass to keep things touch-free. To help give everyone a bit of space when getting off the plane, you’ll leave row by row. You must stay seated with your face mask on until we ask your row to stand up and leave.

Are there any other health checks I need to be aware of?

From time to time, the health authorities of any country may choose to carry out random medical screening of arriving or departing passengers, which can include COVID-19 testing. Although this is rare, any extra checks could just include individuals, or occasionally a full flight. These instances are random and can happen to any customer, on any airline and in any country. As long as you’ve completed all the standard entry procedures for the country you’re arriving into and follow the advice of the local health authorities, you shouldn’t experience any problems if this happens to you. And these checks will be done as quickly as possible.

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