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Looking after you in the air…

We’re committed to keeping you safe in the sky while still bringing you our famously friendly service.

State-of-the-art cleaning

All our planes are professionally sanitised nose to tail every day with disinfectant. Plus, they’re kitted out with HEPA filters like those used in surgical theatres. These keep the air fresh by removing 99.97% of bacteria every few minutes.

Onboard experience

We’ve also made some tweaks onboard to help limit contact where possible and keep everyone feeling comfortable and safe. Like you, our crew will be wearing masks too.

FAQs for in the air

Do I have to wear my face mask on the plane?

Yes, you need to keep your face mask on throughout the whole flight but you can take it off temporarily so that you can eat and drink comfortably. Just be careful your mask doesn’t touch any surfaces when you take it off. Remember, everyone needs to wear a face mask apart from children under six years old and people that can’t wear a mask for medical reasons. If you fail to wear a face mask, you’ll be breaking the law and could be fined. If you’re unable to wear a mask, you must let us know in advance to be allowed to travel. For more information, please read our full face mask policy here.

What if I’m exempt from wearing a mask?

As part of our face mask policy, if you are unable to wear a mask, you must let us know in advance in order to be allowed to travel. Before you go, please provide proof of your exemption to our Special Assistance team on 0800 408 5591, so that we can authorise your travel. We’ll ask you for specific medical evidence to confirm this, as we don’t accept downloaded exemption cards or lanyards as proof of exemption.

Rules around those that can’t wear masks may vary abroad too. For destination specific information including transfers, hotels and resorts, check the local guidance in the country you’re visiting on the FCDO website.

Do children need to wear a mask?

Yes, as per our face mask policy, anyone aged six years and over is required to wear a mask inside the airport and onboard our flights. Children under six don’t have to wear a mask. However, there may be additional restrictions in some destinations so please check the FCDO website for more information.

Can I use the toilets onboard?

Yes, the toilets will be open to use as normal. All we ask now is that you wait safely in your seat until one’s free rather than queuing in the aisles. To make it clear onboard, we’ve added extra signage to stop queuing. If you need any special assistance, just ask one of our friendly Cabin Crew who’ll be happy to help.

How do I keep a safe distance from people on the plane?

We’ll ask you to stay in your seat as much as possible, as some of our flights might be full. Please avoid queuing in the aisles and use contactless payment if you can. Our Cabin Crew want to give you as much space as possible too, so they won’t be able to help you put things in the overhead lockers. Everyone must wear a face mask throughout the whole flight, including our Cabin Crew.

Will food and drinks be served and will menus be available?

Good news – all the usual tasty treats in our in-flight menu will still be available. You’ll be able to choose onboard or you can keep things more contact free by pre-paying for your in-flight food before you take off. You can add meals to your booking here. Our pre-order champagne is still available to pre-book too so you can go all out and treat yourself! .

Will baby bottle and food warming facilities still be available?

Yes, you can still ask our friendly Cabin Crew to warm your baby’s bottle and food for you as normal. Our crew will be washing their hands regularly anyway, but they’ll wash them again just before handling your baby’s bottle and food.

How do you keep the planes clean?

Every one of our planes is disinfected nose to tail by a professional aircraft cleaning company every day. On top of this, we regularly use a process called fogging, where we deep clean our planes with a long-lasting antiviral and antibacterial spray to make sure every surface is sanitised. And they’re all kitted out with HEPA air filtration systems like those used in surgical theatres. When the planes are in action, these filters keep the air fresh and bacteria-free by removing 99.97% of viruses every few minutes.

Can I pay in cash?

We’d prefer to keep things cleaner and touch-free with contactless payments onboard where we can, but we do take cash when that’s not possible. You can use contactless to pay for any transactions up to £45. For anything over £45, you can still use your card but you’ll have to insert it into the machine and enter your pin number instead.

What if I’m worried onboard?

If you feel worried onboard, listen out carefully for our announcements as our friendly Cabin Crew will guide you through the new safety measures and what to expect throughout your flight. Don’t worry, our crew will be there for you every step of the way.

How do I keep my hands clean onboard?

Our onboard toilets will be stocked up with soap, but it would be handy to bring your own bottle of hand sanitiser so you can keep your hands clean on the go – please just make sure it’s less than 100ml.

Are there any other health checks I need to be aware of?

From time to time, the health authorities of any country may choose to carry out random medical screening of arriving or departing passengers, which can include COVID-19 testing. Although this is rare, any extra checks could just include individuals, or occasionally a full flight. These instances are random and can happen to any customer, on any airline and in any country. As long as you’ve completed all the standard entry procedures for the country you’re arriving into and follow the advice of the local health authorities, you shouldn’t experience any problems if this happens to you. And these checks will be done as quickly as possible. It’s worth checking here before you travel, just in case we have any up-to-date information around this that we can share.

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