France holidays

Spire-studded skylines, crop-covered countryside, sugar-scented boulangeries… say ‘bonjour’ to a petit place named France. Famed for its food, its fashion, its arts – there’s nothing this super chic spot hasn’t mastered. And when it comes to its resorts, well, they’re second to none. Take your pick between teal-coloured coastlines and unmissable cities, each one as magical as the last… 
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Food, glorious food

From paper-wrapped baguettes to crumb-prone croissants, French food is a way of life. Hearty bœuf bourguignon (beef stew in a rich wine jus), is a restaurant regular, and escargots, or snails to you and I, have slithered their way onto many a menu too!


Chanel, Dior, Givenchy… France’s list of style superstars is longer than the Avenue des Champs Elysées itself! Swing by markets to live like a local, or head to the boutique-lined boulevards and shop ‘till you drop. It’s not all about fashion though – let’s not forget that France produces over 7 billion bottles of wine a year!

Art and architecture

You'll never be far from a work of art in France, not when you're surrounded by the scenes that inspired the likes of Monet and Matisse. Admire the twists and twirls of the baroque buildings, peruse the galleries with their hanging masterpieces and see the world-famous landmarks and structures.